The Climate Summit for Local and Regional Leaders

The Climate Summit for Local and Regional Leaders, co-host by the Moroccan Association of Presidents of Local Councils – AMPCC and the Association of Moroccan Regions - ARM, is in line with Morocco’s strong will to make this COP an international call to action.

The aim of this collective global enterprise is to include this event as a moment of truth for territorial climate diplomacy by demonstrating the continued mobilization for action from local and regional governments and their networks following the First Summit of Local Elected Leaders held in Paris in December 2015.

Within the theme « Financing the sustainable transition of territories » the Summit will highlight the determination of sub-national and local governments, their openness to engage the co-development of financing resilient and low-carbon local development policies at national, regional and international levels.

The Summit will allow for a joint reflection between elected officials, and other stakeholders - companies, investors, development banks, government negotiators and civil society, international funds - around ways to enhance the channeling of financial flows toward territories, and facilitate local action for climate.

Many local/regional governments networks and coalitions engaged with Climate challenges have positively responded to the Summit. Together, they represent more than 5 million people (70% of the worldwide population) and are present in more than 160 countries where climate change issues are very diverse.

At the end of the Summit, the Call of Marrakech will be launched by the local and regional elected officials for the development financing chain stakeholders in order to build a financial common culture, and develop new types of cooperation to steer finance toward local, resilient, inclusive and low-carbon development.